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Sample Projects

With over 18 years of customizations experience for more than 50 law firms of all sizes, I have assisted firms with a wide array of projects.  The following is a just a sampling: 
Report, Inquiry and Form Customizations

I have completed countless reports, inquiries, custom forms, check formats, financial statements, prebill and bill formats using the powerful tools provided by Aderant Expert. There is rarely a need for external third-party applications when everything you need is already available in the system itself.

Custom Vendor Invoice Import Application

I have created a custom application to allow a firm to automatically import various types of expenses from third-party companies. The application reads in the electronic invoice data from various vendors regardless of the format the vendor provides.  It then puts the data into the format required by Aderant's Generic Importer with associated offsetting disbursements or GL entries (for taxes).  This tool adds significant value and efficiency to your accounts payable team.

Master Bill Format to Replace Dozens of Billing Templates

I have assisted several firms to create a single master bill format that can generate the various bill formats required by the firm. This solution uses the Matter Options form in the Billing module to allow each matter to determine what the bill should look like (fee detail, fee summary, disbursement detail, disbursement summary, a/r, etc). This allows firms to move from creating and maintaining hundreds of bill formats down to just a single, manageable format.


I have also converted countless prebill and bill formats from WordPerfect to RTF using Word.  Although this can be a complicated process given the multitude of formats that some firms have created, it doesn't have to be a painful one.

Automated Direct Deposit / EFT Solution

I have customized the Check Schedule application for clients to allow them to pay employee expense reimbursements by direct deposit.  This solution allows for the verification of the employee vendor information, creation of the EFT file and creation of emails to employees once the file has been submitted to the bank for payment. The entire customization is done using the customization tools available within the Aderant software - nothing extra is required.

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