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DLY Consulting is located in Toronto, Canada and has been providing consulting and customization services to the legal industry for over 18 years.  The primary consultant, Dawn Young, has a Computer Science degree from University of Toronto and has many years working in software development and customizations, most often for SQL-based database applications. Most of her current work involves customizations to the Aderant Expert Time and Billing system.

Dawn has been working with Aderant Expert for over 22 years. She started as a software developer working for the company in the early 90's when they were developing the first version of the system called CMSOpen. In 1995, she transitioned to the customizations department where she helped clients with various reports, inquiries, bill formats and scripts. Having been in the actual development department previously, this experience helps her with the customizations she creates since she knows the database and internal workings of the Aderant software intimately.


Dawn’s knowledge of Aderant Expert, her thorough understanding of the needs of law firm accounting departments and her formal computer science and software development background makes her a very effective and efficient consultant for her clients.  She is often hired as the specialist who can help solve problems or create a solution that others struggle to achieve. 


For more information, please contact Dawn directly at or 416-832-4283.

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